Twiztid ‘Mad Season’ CD


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Twiztid ‘Mad Season’ CD

Artist: Twiztid

Album: Mad Season

Release Date: 4/20/2020

Track List:

  1. Off With They Heads
  2. Do This 1 More Time
  3. Everything’s Cursed
  4. That’s What They Be Telling Me
  5. F Feelings
  6. Wasted 4 w/ Blaze, ABK, AMB, & Bings
  7. Follow Me w/ Hyro the Hero
  8. Hungry Like The Wolf w/ Jimmy Urine of MSI
  9. Never Change
  10. Fuck Wit Us w/ Blaze
  11. My Bible w/ Stevie Stone & Young Wicked
  12. Slo-Mo
  13. 4get U w/ Ekoh & Young Wicked