About MNA

Who is Majik Ninja Australia?

Majik Ninja Entertainment (MNE) is a Detroit, Michigan based Underground record labelled founded by Twiztid in 2014 and is home to “The Dojo” recording studio. Majik Ninja Australia is MNE’s official Australian department, founded in 2016 and aiming to build the MNE brand down under!

MNA makes it easy and affordable to pick up all new release albums and much more at the MNA Shop, see what’s on offer HERE.

The team at MNA has already been responsible for two Australian tours:

2015 – The Underground Assault featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Boondox

2018 – G-Mo Skee (Being added to Rittz and Stevies Stones tour)

Would you love to see an MNE tour? We want to see names and locations!

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