When it’s all said and done there would be no Majik Ninja Australia without Blaze Ya Dead Homie, it’s as simple as that! 2015 saw Blaze’s first ever headlining Australian tour which left Aussie Juggalos and Juggalettes hungry for more. The Dead Man brought it every single night with his energy and stage presence second to none. For being Dead he really does put on one hell of a show!
Throwback to 1998, Blaze first made big noise in The Underground scene popping up on Twiztid’s epic first release “Mostasteless”. Psychopathic Records knew they were onto something special and two years later his first ep was released “Blaze Ya Dead Homie” shedding light on the situation on just how the Dead Man was a gang member who was killed in the late 80’s.
2001 saw the release of Blaze’s first full length on Psychopathic “One Less G n Da Hood” which still more than holds its own to this day with Juggalo fan favourites like Grave Aint No Place, Juggalo Anthem and U Can’t Hurt Me. One Less G n Da Hood saw features including The Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Any Body Killa and let the Underground world know that Blaze was here to stay!
Three Years passed before Blaze bounced back in October 2004 with “Colton Grundy – The Undying” which created a lot of buzz in the Underground scene and featured MC Breed, Lavel and Esham aswell as label mates ICP, Twiztid and ABK!
The following year saw the debut of Blazes side project with Anybody Killa “Drive-By” , their ep titled “Pony Down (prelude)” is ten tracks deep and has a real old school hip hop feeling to it! Bass’s thumping; Violent J and Esham are the only guests on this album who pop up on the final track “This High”.
The Dead Man returned in a big way in 2007, dropping his third studio album “Clockwork Gray” on August 21st which also saw the birth of another side project “Zodiac Mprint” with The R.O.C! Clockwork Gray features two Zodiac Mprint tracks and another rariety in the Samhein Witch Killaz featuring on the song “Inside Looking Out”.
Blaze’s fourth studio album “ Gang Rags” would drop in mid 2010 and be his final big release on Psychopathic Records. Rumours and speculation would surround the status of the Dead Man in early 2013 before it was officially announced he had departed ways with Psychopathic Records at that years Gathering of the Juggalos.
The Dead Man would sign with Majik Ninja Entertainment in 2014 and re release Gang Rags(Reborn) on October 21st making it the first official release on the label. 2015 would see the Dead Man headline his first Australian tour “The Underground Assault” with Boondox and Kidcrusher.
2016 will see the Dead Man go from strength to strength starting off with the release of the highly anticipated new album “The Casket Factory” on January the 15th.