Gorilla Voltage APE-X


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Gorilla Voltage’s debut album on MNE and a Twiztidshop exclusive will not disappoint. These two are ready to unleash havoc and destruction with their brand new album APE-X!!

Artist: Gorilla Voltage

Album: APE-X

Release Date: 24/2/17

Track List:

1. Gorilla Voltage
2. Stars Collide
3. F.T.W.F.E
4. Rocks For Brains ft. Kung Fu Vampire
5. Ninja Star ft. Twiztid
6. Cold Soul ft. G Mo Skee, Fury, Bizarre
7. Die Hard ft. Slaine
8. Lit ft. Dirtbag Dan, Kung Fu Vampire
9. Level Up
10. Grime
11. Paint The Town Red
12. Monkey On My Back ft. Blaze
13. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?
14. Obsessed ft. Madchild, Joe Cutter
15. Time