Twiztid – Freek Show Vinyl


Continue celebrating 25 years of Twiztid with this re-release of 2000’s Freek Show album on double LP vinyl complete with fully mirrored metallic jacket, full size 16 page photo book, and a gold 25 Years of Twiztid sticker on the front!

This MNEStore half and half red and white variant is limited to 500 units made and available here on MNEStore!!

Re-Release Date: 1/20/2023


  1. Intro
  2. Mutant X
  3. We Don’t Die
  4. Fall Apart
  5. F**konthe1stdate
  6. Do You Really Know?
  7. Leave Me Alone
  8. People Are Strange
  9. All I Ever Wanted
  10. I Wanna Be…
  11. Bagz
  12. Wut The Dead Like
  13. Empty
  14. Where Itz Goin Down
  15. Broken Wingz
  16. Maniac Killa
  17. Different
  18. I’m Alright

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