AMB Cutt & Stitched CD


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AMB have a long career of making underground classics and Cutt & Stitched was an underground take on a chopped and screwed style album with remixes and rarities all on one album. We could think of nothing better to include in the Welcome to the Underground collection!! Grab a rereleased copy of AMB’s 17 track classic Cutt & Stitched CD now!!

Artist: AMB

Title: Cutt & Stitched

Track list:

  1. Cutt & Stitched
  2. Old Girl (rotten remix)
  3. 7 Strikes
  4. My Shadow
  5. Death Bed
  6. Deserve
  7. Wheres Yo Mind At
  8. Hax Yo Face (halloween remix)
  9. Photosynthesis
  10. The Unforgiven Forest Radio Commercial
  11. Mr. Queeja Man
  12. Last Letter
  13. Dreamin of My Suicide (NEW)
  14. Cold Shit
  15. Quicksand
  16. Honor (OG Mix)
  17. Gods Hand is Coming (secret info)