The Demented Duo Jamie Madrox and Monoxide are no strangers to The Underground scene and lets face it, they’re on everyone’s bucket list to head down under! For years we have waited and for years we have hoped to see Madrox and Monoxide head down under. After leaving House of Krazees in 1997 Twiztid was formed and first saw great Underground success with the 1999 re issue of “Mostasteless” this album is still a cult classic today. Featuring collaborations with the Insane Clown Posse and Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Mostasteless set the bar for a sign of great things to come!
Speaking of great things 2000’s “Freek Show” was just that, dropping on Halloween Freek Show cemented Twiztid as the real deal featuring We Don’t Die, Mutant X and an epic cover of The Doors hit “People are Strange”. The Underground was buzzing with anticipation of what the demented duo would do next, Twiztid were here to stay!
Cryptic Collections Volume’s one and two dropped soon after (November 2000 and October 2001 respectively) these albums feature rare and hard to find/never released tracks and are the home to some real classic songs.
2002 saw Madrox and Monoxide release their first ep in April; the ever haunting “Mirror Mirror” which boasted 11 tracks and the Juggalo fan favourite “You’re the Reason” which to this day is sure to send tingles down your spine! Mirror, Mirror saw only two guests in label mates Violent J and the Dead Man himself, Blaze Ya Dead Homie!
Following their second ep “4 tha fam volume 1” in May of 2003, Twiztid delivered the infamous “The Green Book” that July. The Green Book was one for the ages and to this day still more than holds its own. Twiztid appeared paintless in the album cover and the Afraid of Me video spawning a new look. The Green Book also featured the ultimate collaboration with Tech N9ne on the track “Serial Killa” and appearances from Esham, E-40, Layzie Bone, Bushwick Bill, Anybody Killa, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and the Insane Clown Posse.
Halloween of 2003 saw another great ep in “Fright Fest 03” before the demented duo released Volume three of Cryptic Collection in May the following year.
2005 saw the first double album from the demented duo in Man’s Myth (Volume 1) and Mutant (Volume 2) being released a month apart in June/July. Twiztid had started to grow even more so lyrically and these albums were great examples of just that covering the angst of growing up in a lying world (Mans Myth) and the outcome of this upbringing (Mutant).
Late 2005 saw the release of Fright Fest 05 and another album the following Halloween in “Cryptic Collection: Halloween Edition”.
Collaborations were the theme of 2007’s “Independents Day” with Madrox and Monoxide teaming up with many artists from different independent labels. Jared Gomes of Hed Pe, The Dayton Family, Tha Dogg Pound, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Bizarre and Proof of D12 all featured.
The demented duo dropped the “Toxic Terror” ep in 2008 before returning with a full length in early 2009 with W.I.C.K.E.D (Wish I Could Kill Every Day) which peaked at number 11 on the billboard 200 an amazing effort for Madrox and Monoxide! This album saw a real return to that dark, dark Underground music that Juggalos have become accustomed too.
Two more eps followed in “End of Days” and “Cryptic Collection: Holiday Edition”. September 2010 saw a very different style for Twiztid’s eighth studio album in “Heartbroken and Homicidal”, this album runs deals with the many emotions that you deal with in a break up. This one shows that the demented duo are not just a one dimensional group but are well diverse in their ability to cover a wide range of topics in their music.
Cryptic Collection volume 4 would follow in September of 2011 and another ep “A Cutthroat Christmas” would drop in December giving fans a Christmas album worth listening too!
Big changes were in store for the demented duo in 2012! Another ep would drop in Kronik Collection before their last album on Psychopathic Records “Abominationz” would be released in October. Many fans labelling this their best release in years, it would be less than two months before the announcement was made that Twiztid were leaving Psychopathic Records on December the 12th. This would send the Juggalo world into a frenzy , what would the demented duo have in store for us on their own?
What wouldn’t Twiztid do on their own should have been the question! Their first music effort was an ep fittingly named “A New Nightmare”, which would end up being the album of the year in “The Underground, Australia’s” annual countdown! An ep landing the album of the year? That good!
For the Fam Volume 2 was released in March of 2014 and featured a skit “The Losers Win” of the demented duo taking out “The Underground’s” album of the year. Which was a big deal for the Australian radio station to get featured on the album, not to mention the ep was jam packed full of other remakes, features and was given away for free!
It wasn’t until September of 2014 when Twiztid announced their upcoming release “The Darkness” was dropping the following January, that their new label name was revealed “Majik Ninja Entertainment”. MNE was the start of a whole new era for the demented duo and had the Underground scene once again buzzing with anticipation! Who else would be signed? What sort of moves would they make?
On January 27th 2015 Twiztid released their tenth studio album and highly anticipated first major release since leaving Psychopathic Records “The Darkness”. The Darkness is just that a DARK album that sees the listener go on a dark journey from start to finish and really cements that Twiztid aren’t going soft anytime soon…
2016 and beyond…
Majik Ninja Entertainment have branched out overseas finding a second home right here in Australia, the demented duo are leading the way and are really just getting started with many moves still to be made! Watch this space…