The ROC is nothing short of one of the most under rated talents in The Underground scene today, the Detroit native has been a part of the scene in one way or another since the late 80’s. He was of course the third member of the now infamous “House of Krazees” also featuring Jamie Madrox and Monoxide of Twiztid!
Featuring on other projects including Halfbreed, The Howse and Level Jumpers throughout his already extensive career, the R.O.C is not just known for his ability to rap but is also a highly respected producer with a high work ethic and is all over the local Detroit scene!
His first full length album X-Posed was released in 1996 and has popped up on various other projects since including a variety of eps, fan favourite Oh Hell No (2006) and Welcome to the Darkside on Psychopathic Records side label Hatchet House in 2008.
The ROC is also a member of Zodiac Mprint featuring Majik Ninja label Mate Blaze Ya Dead Homie and songs from them can be found on Blazes 2007 album “Clockwork Gray” and the 2013 Twiztid mixtape “4 tha Fam Volume 2”. It is heavily speculated Zodiac Mprint will finally release their highly anticipated full length album sometime soon through Majik Ninja Entertainment, watch this space!
2016 and beyond is more than bright for The R.O.C with his extremely long overdue new album set for a release early in the new year…

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